Products of natural origin

With an experience of over 20 years, our laboratory has explicitly chosen to focus on sustainable development with the Ecogarantie label, provided that the required performance is achieved..

We invite you to read the specifications.

Our extensive knowledge of aromatherapy also allows us to combine the science of cosmetics. So we can offer the opportunity to create a unique concept away from the traditional chemistry.

Our Mission

The realization of a global study of your project.

Together, we define your needs and develop a strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The creation of your natural fragrances.

Our laboratory has a wide range of essential oils to achieve your most subtle perfumes.

The choice of your packaging.

Our showroom offers a wide range of packaging, bottles, caps, boxes that we can store at your leisure in our warehouses. We assure you that a logistic support for purchases.

The formulation of your range.

Our experience in the professional hairdressing and esthetics will allow you to achieve the best formulas in the matter.

Manufacturing and filling your productline.

We have the best tools for the manufacture and filling of your products.

Legal steps to market your product

We take care of all the administrative steps , we achieve your technical files and safety sheets and the registration of your formulas to obtain the ECO label Certisys ®.

Our specialties

Professional haircare.

We currently manufacture several ranges of professional hair cosmetics. We also have a lab to test each new product. Our main specialities are organic shampoos based on soapnuts, hair care with vegetable oils and ecological styling products. .

Body care

Body creams and face lotions, tonic lotions, ecological shower gels, essential ioils and flower extracts.

AnyBrand Cosmetic

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